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Welcome to the Invest in Poland pages  

The „Invest in Poland” portal is an initiative of Polish firms and institutions acting for the development of the sector of small business and business-like organizations. Our main goal is to help in establishing international business relations.

The fundamental aims of the “Invest in Poland” portal are:

  • to help business entities find various commercial and capital, Polish and foreign, relations,
  • to present the information about Poland, and its current economic situation,
  • to give the users access to the available governmental surveys and documents, which will set further direction of the development of the Polish economy,
  • the presentation of the basic economic indicators,
  • active promotion of the portal’s users in the Web.

We will achieve our goals through, among other things:

  • advertising and promotion of the portal, but most of all the panels of capital and commercial contacts,
  • participation in economic enterprise and cooperation with the entities, whose aim is the development of business and the economic exchange,
  • gaining new firms to cooperate within the scope of the portal,
  • creating a free service package, which will be the basis for the future cooperation with the sector of small business,
  • adjusting the successive services to the individual needs of the portal users.

We will be delighted to cooperate.

If you have any comments concerning the contents of the portal or any suggestions about introducing new changes, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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