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czwartek, 14 grudzień 2017

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General information

Poland in EU

Poland in International Organization

Economic Transformation in Poland after 1989

The History of Poland

Geographical location


The National Strategy of the Social Integration

The National Plan of Development for the years 2004-2006

The National Plan of Development for the years 2007-2013

The National Strategy of the Regional Development

The Economic Analyses

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Information about Poland  

» General Information

Presentation of basic information about Poland, its symbols, as well as national and public holidays.

» Poland in EU

This part includes a shortened schedule of operations for Poland joining the EU and discusses chosen questions connected with the integration.

» Poland in International Organizations

Discussion of Poland’s quota in international bodies, e.g. NATO, OECD, CEFTA, UNESCO, UNO and Baltic States Council.

» Economic Transformations in Poland after 1989

Basic purpose of this part is the presentation of Polish economy’s conditions and advantages which are streaming from investing in Polish market.

» The History of Poland

Outline of Polish history from the beginning up to nowadays in short representative blocks.

» Geographical location

Information concerning Polish location in Europe, national conditions, surface and administrated distribution.


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