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The offers' panel  

The offers’ panel presents one of the main elements of Invest in Poland. It is a three-segment-base of the business contacts exchange and the information about different kinds of organizations.

Associating the investors

This is a part of the offers’ panel for Polish and foreign firms that search for those business investors who want to invest their money or receive certain capital.

Business offers

This part of the offers’ panel is assignated mainly for firms which desire to present an offer (buy or sale) of commodity.

Organizations’ cooperation

This part of the offers’ panel is assignated for different kinds of organizations. Beginning with official bodies, central and local councils, associations, foundations, sectoral organizations, etc. wishing to establish the international cooperation with organizations of a similar national or activity profile.

You can add an offer in all the individual categories or search out the partners who will fulfill your criteria. Only the logged-in users have access to the tele-address data of the potential business partners.

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